Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Tamiya FJ Cruiser on CC-01 chassis!!

The 2013 Tamiya Fair and R/C World Championships are under way and today we bring you a new kit unveiled today!!

Monday, October 28, 2013 - Tamiya Builders Showcase (TABS)

We travel around the USA and see some fascinating works-of-art and know you have put all your talent into finishing our products. Tamiya products are known to be "Quality around the World" but our builders are some of the hardest workers!
Any builder knows that the long hours, weeks & months, spent building your masterpiece is only half the fun. The other half is showing it off. Regardless whether it's a static model that's a conversation piece when company is over, or its your favorite R/C ripping up the track with other drivers, Tamiya America, Inc. would like to thank you for your support by giving you another way to show off your hard work. - Tamiya Builders Showcase (TABS)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TRF 418 Exclusive Bonus parts package for North American release!

The North American release of the TRF418 will include the following bonus parts. These bonus parts will only be available in kits during the initial launch date of December 2013. Kits produced after the December date will not include the bonus parts.

·         Damper Springs - soft & hard, 2pcs. each
·         Soft Stabilizer Rods- front & rear, 1pc. each
·         1 additional set of Suspension Arms - enough to kit out the chassis
·         1 additional set of Front Uprights - enough to kit out the chassis

·         1 additional set of Rear Uprights - enough to kit out the chassis

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mini 4WD events in Southern California!

Tamiya's Mini 4WD race cars have been around for 30 years. They are a great way to learn how to build a simple car and race it with friends. If you live in the Southern California area and want to race come check out Ultimate Hobbies in Orange, California. They have Mini 4WD races for all skill levels, so come out and check out the fun!

Ultimate Hobbies

1536 E Katella Ave Orange, CA 92867
(714) 538-3111
Call store for race time schedule

Mini 4WD race date schedule:

For more information on upcoming Mini 4WD events go to our Mini 4WD site.

Orange Con 2013!

On Saturday October 5, 2013 Tamiya America will be displaying new product and fielding questions at the annual "OrangeCon" Model Contest and Vendor Fair. 

Saturday October 5th 2013

Location: Pavilion at the University
Conference Center
Cal State Fullerton
800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA92834

Schedule: Open to the Public 9:00AM to 5:00 PM
Vendor Setup 8:00AM to 9:00AM
Model Registration 9:00AM to 11:30AM
Contest Room Closed 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Awards Presentation 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Admission: SpectatorAdmission $5.00
ContestantAdmission (includes first three models) $10.00
Contestants under 12 Free
Model Entry fee after first three models
Adults $1.00 each
Junior & YoungAdult Free

Friday, September 20, 2013

New Tamiya HG Revo compressor and HG airbrush combo package

The most important thing in model building is painting once you have mastered building your plastic model kit. For many starting out, using Tamiya spray paints and bottled paint is a great way to get the job done. For those modelers who want to take their painting skills to the next level airbrushing is the next logical step. Tamiya makes the job easier with this new packaged set designed to make your airbrushing tool needs compact and efficient. The set comes with the Tamiya dual action HG Airbrush III and the compact HG Air Compressor Revo II. Item 89972

New Tamiya 1/10 LaFerrari on the new TB-04 chassis platform!

The Tamiya TB-04 Pro has just landed and will be arriving in store shelves soon! TB-04 Pro

The first kit to feature the base TB-04 platform is the new LaFerrari. LaFerrari TB-04
Tamiya's body design engineers have gone the extra mile to bring one of Tamiya's most detailed polycarbonate body's to the market. Tamiya's polycarbonate body's are produced using metal 3-piece slide mold technology, which result in unrivaled detail and accuracy not found from any other manufacture. The LaFerrari has so many sharp lines and details, it's not possible to faithfully reproduce it for RC enthusiasts without using 3-piece mold technology.

New 1/6 scale Harley Davidson FLSTFB Fat Boy Lo!!

It's been decades since Tamiya has produced a large scale Harley Davidson model kit. This soon to be released latest kit is using all the tricks known to give you the most detailed motorcycle to be ever produced.
Set to be released in December, the kit features many advanced features and details.

New 1/24 LaFerrari model kit preview!

Set to be released in December, Tamiya proudly presents its latest 1/24 scale automotive kit of the LaFerrari. The images shown here were taken at the recent Tokyo Hobby Show, which took place on September 16-17.
For more information on the new kit

Friday, September 6, 2013

1/48 Scale Russian Armored Car BA-64B

Coming in October 2013! Tamiya will be releasing its latest 1/48 scale Model Miniature assembly kit replica of the Russian Armored Car BA-64B.
The BA-64 was a 4×4 light armored car, employed by the Soviet Army from 1942 into the early 1960's for reconnaissance and liaison tasks.
Below you will see a test shot pre-production kit assembled. The production kit will use a darker grey colored plastic. Item number 32576 MSRP $20.50

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tamiya RC Volkswagen Golf Mk.1 Grp.2 set for another production run!

Due to customer demand the Tamiya R/C Volkswagen Golf Mk.1 Grp.2 kit will be available again soon before the 2013 holiday season.

The Volkswagen Golf Mk.1 was a well-known machine of European touring car racing. The Kamei-sponsored car with its distinctive livery ran in the low-modification Group 2 class of its day. 

The Tamiya R/C model faithfully captures the fun and maneuverability of the real life subject as it comes on the proven M-05 M-chassis platform. The M-05 is a simple to build FWD (front wheel drive) machine, which allows for plenty of after-market parts to be outfitted as you grow with your skill.

To learn more about the M0-5

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tamiya 1/35 6x6 M561 Gamma Goat

Tamiya is releasing a new 1/35 scale military vehicle (1/35 6x6 M561 Gamma Goat) and today we wanted to give you a sneak peak of it. We just received a "test shot sample" of one and we couldn't wait to get it built up to share with our model building fans!

The Gamma Goat is scheduled to be released in October with a suggested retail price of $47.00

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hey guys! I can't believe July flew by so fast and I didn't get to post any racing updates! Well, at my local track, we are having some friendly smack talking going on and it's starting to feel like that show Street Outlaws. I was called out for position a couple weeks ago. I guess I have been the fast guy (girl!) in F1 these days! It's all in fun but that's what I love about racing! So Saturday arrives and I have a good feeling about the day. Qualifying was close. I missed the first round but turned it up for the second round to take TQ and just missing a 24 lap run. Third round comes around and my 2 closest competitors really turned up the heat on me and  I lost TQ to there 24 lap runs. I started 3rd on the grid and had a really rough start. I wasn't able to make up much ground on the leaders but I'll a solid 3rd any day.

A friend of mine had asked to borrow my car for his local TCS race and I had agreed. But since I found out we have a trophy event this Saturday, he will have to wait til next week! I have to get my top spot back! I'll keep ya posted on the outcome of this weekend's race.

Also about 8 more weeks til IIC!!!!!! I got some wrenching to do!!!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuning with your transmitter: Steering

Have you ever been to a race and thought if I could just get that little bit more “this” or a little more “that” from your car but didn't want to change anything either because you,  A: Might screw up how good your car is now. B: The changes you make might be too much or not enough or C: Not know what to change to make the car do what you want it to do to improve it?

   I learned many years ago that we could manipulate the settings on our transmitters to make the car work better or simply just drive better and / or easier. On today’s TX’s there are so many settings that most drivers don’t know what they do or what they are for, let alone utilize what they are capable of to help you tune and dial in your car for better performance.

    In this post I will touch on the basis of helping you tune your car by explaining what some of the adjustments are for, what they do and how you can use them to gain more performance to get your R/C to do what you want it to without picking up a wrench. (OK you might need a wrench to start with)

Let’s start with the basics for steering and assume that you have everything straight. This means that your servo arm is straight up and down (or in the factory specified position) that your links are equal length side to side for camber and tie rods and that the sub trim/ trim settings are not too far from center. The basics are EPA (End Point Adjustment) , Sub Trim and Trim and D/R (Dual Rate).  Others include EXP/EXPO/Curve (Exponential), Speed and Punch. (Punch can be found on KO Propo Radios)

Sub-Trim/Trim:  These settings allow you to set the servo exactly in a neutral (or otherwise) position to allow the car to drive straight. Sub-Trim allows you to make adjustments within your Trim setting to allow the trim to be set as close to “0” as possible. This makes a difference with some Transmitters where the Sub trim moves the servo in larger movements per click than compared to the Trim which is the finer setting. Some radios allow you to adjust the movement or rate per click within the Trim setting.

EPA/Highpoint: This setting allows you to independently set the maximum throw of the servo from left to right. This eliminates the binding of the servo once it reaches full throw and to give you maximum operating range for your model’s steering.

Dual Rate: Dual rate is simply a means to control your end point adjustments together to either gain or lessen the throw of your servo. Even if your EPA is off from one side to the other the Dual Rate will add or subtract the same amount of EPA from both sides at the same time. Tuning Tip: Some Transmitters will allow you to go to 120% or more with Dual Rate. For beginning drivers I will set their Dual Rate this high before setting the EPA and then back down the D/R until it’s back to 100%. This decreases the steering which makes the car a little easier to drive as well as makes the new driver slow down more to complete a corner. Once the new driver becomes more skilled a simple click of the D/R switch gives them more throw. Once you explain to them that they can turn up the D/R a click here and there even if they go Max their servo is safe.

EXPO/Curve/Exponential: Exponential is one of those settings that was created to compensate for the arch of the servo arm to allow the driver/pilot to get back the feel of linearity for a particular control. For many years we have used EXPO to help in getting that feel that we are looking for both with Linearity of the steering and with Control. Without a graph I will try to explain. You can manipulate Expo to give you a slower or faster reaction off of the neutral point of your steering. Minus EXPO numbs the initial output of the servo versus your input on the steering wheel. It does not slow down the entire throw. Gain or Plus EXPO will do the opposite. It will make the steering react quicker in terms of feel but not speed up the servo. Your transit time stays the same from 0 to your end point. (Example: You have a Mustang and a Turbo Honda that both run 11.0. They will both get to the end at the same time however the Mustang (Plus EXPO) will leave the line quicker where the Honda (Minus EXPO) will make up it’s time later in that 11 seconds.) So, Plus EXPO will feel faster or twitchy from center and Minus Expo will feel slower or lag off from center but both will reach the End Point at the same time. Tech Tip: You can use EXPO to help tune the reaction of your car. In example if it feels like it needs a little more steering going into or initiating a corner add more “Plus” Expo to your transmitter or If your car feels twitchy and hard to drive straight dial in some “Minus” Expo.

Speed:  On some transmitters you can lower the speed of your servo. However you cannot add to the speed. Your servo will only perform to its specifications reliant on the voltage that is being input. Why would you turn down speed? One instance would be for a beginner or when changing from a NiMH to a Lipo battery on a gas car or buggy. Other examples would be for a sweeping layout where no tight or quick corners require fast steering which makes for an easier drive especially in a long main event.

Punch:  (KO Propo term) This setting allows you bypass a portion of the initial input of the curve (whether linear, EXPO + or EXPO-) all the way up to 100%. In example of you where to dial in as much as 50% Punch as soon as you input steering up to 50% of your throw the servo will bypass any EXPO setting you have until 51% where it will then resume the EXPO setting. Tech Tip: If you are familiar with the Motorcycle Road Racing term “Flick” you will understand what Punch does. Flick is the term used when a rider moves the handlebars extremely rapid to get a bike to turn in very hard in some cases I have seen black marks on the pavement from the front tire! Punch can be used for this reason but I have never effectively used anything past 5% and that is on the radical side in my opinion.

In my next installment we will cover the uses of these terms and others for the throttle and brake tuning from your transmitter.


Relief from the heat!

Splashdown,  it's Summer time. Young and old get relief from the heat by heading to the water. Tamiya has some products that will keep you entertained while soaking. Click on the images below to find out more about each product.

Item #71126 Mechanical Swimmer
The Mechanical Swimmer. has a Submarine Motor Mini and Underwater Gearbox move the legs via crankarms. In addition, gearbox movement is also delivered to the arms using rubber bands for the robot to swim. By replacing the positions of legs, arms, and head...
Item #71125 Mechanical Fish
New to the popular Robocraft Series is the Mechanical Fish. The movement of the crank arm is translated into the tail's left and right movement allowing it to swim. As opposed to the previously released blowfish (Item 71114), which had its body above the water...
Mechanical Blowfish (Item #71114)
Item #71114 Mechanical Blowfish
The Mechanical Blowfish. Using a crank and linkage rod system this robo-fish propels itself through the water by its swinging tail fin. White under-belly holds the motor, gearbox, battery box and switch and is sealed water-proof tight. Parts are easily put together...
Rowboat (Item #70114)
Item #70114 Rowboat
The Rowboat kit's crank-arm gear box and link rod produce an oar movement similar to those on full-size rowboats, propelling it across solid or liquid surfaces. The gear box is easy to assemble and precise design of the part...
Amphibious Vehicle Kit (Item #70119)
Item #70119 Amphibious Vehicle Kit
The Amphibious Vehicle utilizes a combination of wheel and propeller power to move itself both on land and while floating on water. The FA-130 Underwater Motor powers both the rear wheels and the propeller. Styrofoam floats keep the vehicle stable on top...
Submarine Motor w/Boat (Item #70154)
Item #70154 Submarine Motor w/Boat
Submarine motor comes with boat hull. Suction cup is supplied for easy attachment to boat. Polystyrene boat can be easily modified and painted.
Submarine Motor Mini w/Float (Item #70179)
Item #70159
With the Submarine Motor Mini you are able to attach it to any Waterline Series models and enjoy watching your model take on the high seas. Also due to its light-weight, by attaching the Submarine Mini Motor to a resized 50mm styrofoam board, it will float.
Submarine Motor (Item #70153)
Item #70153 Submarine Motor
Educational Construction in the summer is all about fun with submarine motors! Ever since Mabuchi stopped the production of their underwater motor years ago there have been many disappointed watercraft fans who have take the time to construct...
Submarine Motor Mini (Item #70178)
Item #70178 Submarine Motor Mini
Loaded inside the blue casing is a small motor which will allow you to enjoy the fun of sailing. At the rear there is a screw and a rudder that allows you to set the direction of movement. By completely closing the body, the motor will switch on...
Item #70185 Submarine Motor Mini - High Speed
In comparison with Item 70178 Submarine Motor Mini (AAA Batteries), this new Submarine Motor Mini is approximately 40% faster. It can be used with a variety of aquatic items and offers plenty of speed and fun. It has excellent waterproof qualities...
Item #70186 Underwater Gearbox
This Underwater Gearbox enables to transmit the motor power of the Submarine Motor Mini (High-Speed Type) to drive on the bottom of the water. The motor has a pinion gear instead of a propeller to move gears and hex shaft which can be...