Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Relief from the heat!

Splashdown,  it's Summer time. Young and old get relief from the heat by heading to the water. Tamiya has some products that will keep you entertained while soaking. Click on the images below to find out more about each product.

Item #71126 Mechanical Swimmer
The Mechanical Swimmer. has a Submarine Motor Mini and Underwater Gearbox move the legs via crankarms. In addition, gearbox movement is also delivered to the arms using rubber bands for the robot to swim. By replacing the positions of legs, arms, and head...
Item #71125 Mechanical Fish
New to the popular Robocraft Series is the Mechanical Fish. The movement of the crank arm is translated into the tail's left and right movement allowing it to swim. As opposed to the previously released blowfish (Item 71114), which had its body above the water...
Mechanical Blowfish (Item #71114)
Item #71114 Mechanical Blowfish
The Mechanical Blowfish. Using a crank and linkage rod system this robo-fish propels itself through the water by its swinging tail fin. White under-belly holds the motor, gearbox, battery box and switch and is sealed water-proof tight. Parts are easily put together...
Rowboat (Item #70114)
Item #70114 Rowboat
The Rowboat kit's crank-arm gear box and link rod produce an oar movement similar to those on full-size rowboats, propelling it across solid or liquid surfaces. The gear box is easy to assemble and precise design of the part...
Amphibious Vehicle Kit (Item #70119)
Item #70119 Amphibious Vehicle Kit
The Amphibious Vehicle utilizes a combination of wheel and propeller power to move itself both on land and while floating on water. The FA-130 Underwater Motor powers both the rear wheels and the propeller. Styrofoam floats keep the vehicle stable on top...
Submarine Motor w/Boat (Item #70154)
Item #70154 Submarine Motor w/Boat
Submarine motor comes with boat hull. Suction cup is supplied for easy attachment to boat. Polystyrene boat can be easily modified and painted.
Submarine Motor Mini w/Float (Item #70179)
Item #70159
With the Submarine Motor Mini you are able to attach it to any Waterline Series models and enjoy watching your model take on the high seas. Also due to its light-weight, by attaching the Submarine Mini Motor to a resized 50mm styrofoam board, it will float.
Submarine Motor (Item #70153)
Item #70153 Submarine Motor
Educational Construction in the summer is all about fun with submarine motors! Ever since Mabuchi stopped the production of their underwater motor years ago there have been many disappointed watercraft fans who have take the time to construct...
Submarine Motor Mini (Item #70178)
Item #70178 Submarine Motor Mini
Loaded inside the blue casing is a small motor which will allow you to enjoy the fun of sailing. At the rear there is a screw and a rudder that allows you to set the direction of movement. By completely closing the body, the motor will switch on...
Item #70185 Submarine Motor Mini - High Speed
In comparison with Item 70178 Submarine Motor Mini (AAA Batteries), this new Submarine Motor Mini is approximately 40% faster. It can be used with a variety of aquatic items and offers plenty of speed and fun. It has excellent waterproof qualities...
Item #70186 Underwater Gearbox
This Underwater Gearbox enables to transmit the motor power of the Submarine Motor Mini (High-Speed Type) to drive on the bottom of the water. The motor has a pinion gear instead of a propeller to move gears and hex shaft which can be...

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