Thursday, July 25, 2013


Well, having 9 days off in early July felt great.  That meant being able to find time to do some outdoor racing at Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, IL.  
I had not run 2wd mod buggy outdoors for 4 years and it felt great to be out making fast laps with the TRF201.  I headed to LHR on a Wed. July 3, got some practice before racing started and had a great time throughout the night.  Lap times for mod buggy were in the 30-33 second range.  I qualified 4th of 9 behind young racers Will Cushing (TQ) and Mason Perillo (3rd) and veteran LHR racer Mike Kochanski (2nd).  Grip was very good with green JC DDs (rear) and green Rips up front.  
After 6 minutes, the top 4 would finish in the starting order... Will 12/6:12, Mike 11/6:02, Mason 11/6:06, myself 11/6:08 and 5th place Mike Frazier with a 11/6:09.  Super fun racing with strong competition! 

Last night at Trackside Hobbies, we had a very competitive night with the top 5 qualifiers within less than 5 seconds of each other!  Qual order was as follows...
Corey Liebherr 16/5:08.793
Aaron Reichow 16/5:10.274
Andy Krivitz 16/5:12.180
Dave Bengston 16/5:12.288
Chris Nelson 16/5:13.108
After a frieght train start, I held onto 2nd for the first couple minutes, then falling back to 3rd and 4th finally securing 2nd place after the full 5 minutes.  

Thanks for tuning into the Team TRF blog site!  Looking forward to acquiring and testing out our new big bore shock package soon!  Thanks again to my sponsors:  Tamiya America, TrakPower/Hobbico, 92Zero Designs and Venom Designs.  
Have a great summer and see you soon at the track!  :)


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