Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hey guys! I can't believe July flew by so fast and I didn't get to post any racing updates! Well, at my local track, we are having some friendly smack talking going on and it's starting to feel like that show Street Outlaws. I was called out for position a couple weeks ago. I guess I have been the fast guy (girl!) in F1 these days! It's all in fun but that's what I love about racing! So Saturday arrives and I have a good feeling about the day. Qualifying was close. I missed the first round but turned it up for the second round to take TQ and just missing a 24 lap run. Third round comes around and my 2 closest competitors really turned up the heat on me and  I lost TQ to there 24 lap runs. I started 3rd on the grid and had a really rough start. I wasn't able to make up much ground on the leaders but I'll a solid 3rd any day.

A friend of mine had asked to borrow my car for his local TCS race and I had agreed. But since I found out we have a trophy event this Saturday, he will have to wait til next week! I have to get my top spot back! I'll keep ya posted on the outcome of this weekend's race.

Also about 8 more weeks til IIC!!!!!! I got some wrenching to do!!!


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