Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 show floor product images!

58632 1/14 R/C Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS (TT-01 Type-E)

58627 1/10 R/C Mitsubishi Pajero Custom Lowrider Black Special (Painted Body) 

58629 1/10 R/C Mercedes-Benz G 320 Cabrio (MF-01X)

35349 1/35 French Light Tank AMX-13

35348 Russian Self-Propelled Gun SU-76M 

14130 1/12 Repsol Honda RC213V '14

24343 1/24 FXX K

93042 1/10 R/C Ferrari 458 Challenge (TT-02D) Drift Spec

37022 1/35 German Bundeswehr Self-Propelled Howitzer M109A3G

95263 Mini 4WD PRO MS Chassis Evo.1

56348 1/14 R/C Mercedez-Benz Actros 3363 6x4 GigaSpace


  1. Are they re-releasing 94661 (MS Chassis EVO I) with a new item number? Why use a new number and not continue to use the old number?

    Anyways, hope this will set a trend of re-releasing the other EVO chassis variants (VS, Super XX), and perhaps more in the future (Super II, AR, MA, Super FM etc.)

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